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 Program Management 

TSGs global network of quality experts represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of TSG’s capability, reliability, and accountability. Behind every carefully selected TSG Associate, there is a technical and administrative support team, a series of proven tools and processes, and a world-leading event management system providing unparalleled visibility and control.

This unique combination of powerful elements makes up TSGs Program Management approach, headed up by a dedicated Program Manager. TSG provides services through a dedicated client program team, using proven methods for the type of program at hand and coordinating all activity and results through our core operations system, STEPQ. Each program team is comprised of specific and integrated functional roles that are process-driven, based on predefined workflows and very clear criteria for success.

As well as supporting and coordinating the movements of TSG Associates on the ground, each TSG Program Team manages all of the tactical activities of a program (e.g. scheduling suppliers, associate selection, coordinating travel, report review, CAPA follow up) to allow you more time to focus on strategic quality projects.

SQA’s Program Management Solution ensures that not only the goals of each program are met, but that they are met in an efficient and value-added manner.

Content Management

One of the biggest challenges in managing a diverse team of global quality experts is consistency. Combining the benefits of local knowledge and flexibility with a central process and product is difficult – even in the most connected global companies. TSG has pioneered a unique, adaptive process for ensuring consistent, high-level results from our auditing team around the world. Clients rely on TSG to provide them an accurate global picture, as if they were there themselves.

TSGs Content Management team is a world leader in capturing, conveying, and applying the very distinctive features of each client’s audit program. This results in reports that match and often exceed the clarity and level of detail produced by a client’s own internal team – regardless of where in the world the audit took place.

The TSG Content Management process is one of intense requirements research, thorough auditor orientation, clinical audit preparation, technical and non-technical reviews, client feedback, and ongoing monitoring, coaching, and adjustment. This ensures that the team is constantly aligned with client needs, and that auditors become progressively more in tune with the client program. For client supplier quality, this means one clear voice around the world.

Field Engineering Directors

Our Field Engineering Directors, or FEDs, are TSGs in-house subject matter experts and leaders in their field. Their unique blend of commodity expertise, communication, and quality engineering has made them indispensable to TSG’s managed programs. Our FEDs set the bar for situational analysis, solution design, Associate performance, and return on investment value. Our Field Engineers take the technical lead for programs when needed. They are trained in client tools and procedures, and they act as on-site liaisons or technical consultants as required.

FED Benefits:

Design and oversee implementation of programs for clients

Quality shadowing and monitoring of TSG Associate performance

Measure the effectiveness of TSG solutions

Analyze and report progress, results, and ultimately supply chain intelligence to clients

StepQ Technology

STEPQ is TSG’s ‘engine room’, providing visibility and control of supplier quality performance across all stakeholders at all levels. It achieves this through its flexible event management control that automates, manages, and reports on activities like audit, CAPA, inspection, engineering, quality agreements, and more. In short, STEPQ helps you achieve your supplier quality goals with three simple principles: Collaborate. Communicate. Deliver.

STEPQ’s cloud-based solution controls all of TSG’s supplier quality events. STEPQ also manages, in real-time, the supplier interaction, approval, and escalation processes. Notable features include:

Real-Time Information

Dynamic Alerting System

Central, Globally Accessible Data

Secure Collaborative Environment

Flexible Performance Metrics

Our clients find it vital to have timely, detailed, secure information that allows them to make strategic business decisions faster and spot red flags rapidly. Seeing information (such as detailed audit reports, inspection data, or digital product images) across all divisions in your company is essential for optimizing the management of your suppliers’ quality. It eliminates duplication and lets you distribute information quickly.

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